Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank-You to EcoDog Fan, Lily!

EcoDog wants to give a Thank-You to Lily for sending in an EcoDog product review! :)

"I testify that my retrieving and dropping the blue ball triples in speed when I know an eco dog treat is my reward! " -Signed, Lily

We appreciate the kind comments and any feedback regarding our tasty, handmade treats! View our full page of "Taste Testimonials" for more furry friends of EcoDog treats! :)

EcoDog bakes healthy, handmade treats with high-quality ingredients for your
furry friend! We promote locally-produced products first and like you, want the best for your pup! EcoDog handmade treats promote energy, immunity and growth!

Visit our Online Shop to view the varieties of tasty treats!

*Thanks again to Lily and be sure to visit our full page of "Taste Testimonials"!*

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