Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Health Benefits of Whole Wheat

Mmm... Whole wheat is a tasty, staple ingredient of our healthy, EcoDog pet treats!

Whole wheat is a whole grain containing 3 parts - the bran, germ & endosperm. Once refined, wheat is stripped of the complete essential nutrients and so, this is why wheat is better than white flour as far as natural vitamin content!

Whole wheat is beneficial for your health for several reasons:

*Fiber-rich; prevents gallstones
*Vitamin E, Zinc, Folate
*Magnesium; improves colon/digestive health
*Lowers cholesterol/reduces risk for heart disease
*Encourages balanced metabolism/weight control
*Vitamin B and more...

Browse the EcoDog shop to view our collection of tasty, seasonal treats baked with healthy, whole wheat flour!

*Our whole wheat flour is 100% US grown and unbleached.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Health Benefits of Eggs

Mmmm...eggs! What a wonderful, natural and essential ingredient! EcoDog hand-bakes pet treats with high-quality ingredients and eggs are a key component!

EcoDog use

s locally-produced eggs first - always choosing free-range andantibiotic/hormone-free eggs. We love to use the freshest ingredients to make tasty treats and support local farms first! :)

Eggs are used as a binding agent in our biscuit-style treats but also add many important vitamins as well!

Eggs are high in protein as well as one of the only natural producers of vitamin D. Eggs also have essential nutrients that help boost the shine of your dogs coat and nails.

*As an occasional treat at home, try giving your pup a scrambled egg - or simply crack &

serve over dry dog food!

Visit for more great nutritional information and facts!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Product List

EcoDog treats are handmade with fresh, high-quality ingredients. EcoDog choose natural and organic ingredients and strives to promote locally-produced ingredients first.

EcoDog treats may vary depending on seasonal availability but we do always offer a few, standard favorites:

*Classic-Crunch: Our classic, handmade favorite! Unbleached/US grown whole-wheat flour, free range eggs, organic carrots, natural/antibiotic-free chicken, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, bee pollen, organic applesauce, locally produced honey and other natural flavorings.

*Peanut-Crunch: Peanut-butter is a must-have for a happy dog and our Peanut-Crunch treats are sure to satisfy! Unbleached/US grown whole-wheat flour, free range eggs, organic carrots, natural peanut butter, flax seeds, organic applesauce, locally produced honey and other natural flavorings.

*Garden-Crunch Trio: Features the classic 3 colors of dog treats in a modern, organic & healthy version! You can feel good giving your pup a quality, EcoDog treat! Our Garden-Crunch Trio includes: Red (Beet/Garbanzo), Green (Spinach/Green Pea), & Yellow (Carrot/Ginger/Turmeric)

Visit our Online Shop to view our current options for online ordering, as well as Seasonal varieties, Holiday specials and Sale items.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Did you know...Sunflower seeds are full of many delicious, natural health benefits!

EcoDog healthy, handmade treats contain high-quality, fresh ingredients! Several of ourEcoDog treats, such as our "Classic Crunch", contain sunflower seeds.
Sunflower seeds are a tiny kernel packed full of nutritional goodness! Sunflower seeds are considered a "functional food", which go beyond basic nutritional standards and actually help prevent disease and build immunity!

Sunflower seeds contain:

*Natural Antioxidants

*Disease-Preventing Nutrients (such as Betaine & Vitamin E)

*Vitamin E is high in Antioxidants and has been shown to improve wound healing as well as improve circulation

EcoDog treats are proudly made with natural and organic ingredients - choosing locally produced items first! :) EcoDog treats promote energy, immunity & growth, with their naturally great taste!

Our "Classic Crunch" Treats are full of vitamin-rich ingredients like, Sunflower Seeds! We know your furry friend is sure to benefit from the natural goodness of sunflower seedsand EcoDog treats!

*Thank you to the National Sunflower Association for providing the informational nutrition facts about sunflower seeds! As well as for more health benefits and facts.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SuperStar Training Treat GiveAway!

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Eco Dog is giving away an 8 oz. package of SuperStar Training Bites!

EcoDog specialty treats are handmade with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Perfect for treats or training rewards! Organic and natural ingredients, never any bi-products or preservatives!

SuperStar Peanut Crunch Training Bites are made with unbleached, US-grown whole wheat flour; free-range eggs; organic chicken; applesauce; peanut butter; bee pollen; locally-produced honey and other natural flavorings.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank-You to EcoDog Fan, Lily!

EcoDog wants to give a Thank-You to Lily for sending in an EcoDog product review! :)

"I testify that my retrieving and dropping the blue ball triples in speed when I know an eco dog treat is my reward! " -Signed, Lily

We appreciate the kind comments and any feedback regarding our tasty, handmade treats! View our full page of "Taste Testimonials" for more furry friends of EcoDog treats! :)

EcoDog bakes healthy, handmade treats with high-quality ingredients for your
furry friend! We promote locally-produced products first and like you, want the best for your pup! EcoDog handmade treats promote energy, immunity and growth!

Visit our Online Shop to view the varieties of tasty treats!

*Thanks again to Lily and be sure to visit our full page of "Taste Testimonials"!*

Monday, March 1, 2010

EcoDog is now a member of EFA!

EcoDog is now a proud member of EFA - Etsy for Animals!

EFA is an Etsy team, or group, of Etsy artists that love animals! EFA's goal as a group is to raise money for animal-related charities, rotating with a new charity every month! EFA also supports and promotes other members as well as share animal-friendly ideas and tips!

Every month, EFA members pledge to donate to a pet-related charity, which is chosen by suggestions from EFA members. They have a great page showing the amazing donations from EFA members throughout the last year - donation totals from members have ranged from $200 to $4,000 monthly! Way to go EFA! Every bit makes a big difference for an animal out there somewhere! :)

*Did you notice...I have a button on the side of my blog that links to an animal charity! All you have to do is *click* and it will instantly donate $ to the charity! (Thanks to the sponsors, who are actually the ones donating the $ everytime someone clicks.) What an easy, affordable way to make a difference - daily! :)

The Animal Rescue Site

EcoDog will keep you posted on EFA news and the charity of the month, so you can donate too!