Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taste Testimonials

Eco Dog is positive that you will love the naturally good taste of our specialty treats!

We hand-make our healthy, specialty treats with fresh, high-quality ingredients you can count on! When you choose quality for yourself, why not treat your special friend to the best as well?

Eco Dog loves to hear how much you like our tasty treats! Send a photo of your furry friend along with a note about why they love Eco Dog treats!

Below, we are happy to feature several of our favorite Eco Dog fans!

Taste Testimonials!

- - - - - -

"I have two dogs - Buddy and Lily - and they both love Eco Dog treats!

Buddy is a Weimerainer with a big personality & a big appetite! He absolutely loves these treats & they are great for training him too! Right now, we are working on the "Stay" command - but it's hard to do when he loves the treats so much! :)

Lily is a Lab. / Pitt. / Rott. mix and a complete sweetheart! I can't say no to her big, brown eyes & these are some of her favorite treats! Eco Dog treats are great because they have a crunch but don't crumble apart. (Good for when I put a few in my pocket on a walk!) Lily especially loves the peanut crunch flavor!"

-Allie, Buddy & Lily

- - - - - -

"I got the dog treats today...Poochie loves them!"

- Thanks again, Nancy

- - - - - -

"I testify that my retrieving and dropping the blue ball triples in speed when I know an eco dog treat is my reward! "

Signed ,

- - - - - -

"Sophie and Brutus LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They say THANK YOU!!!!!"

- - - - - -

"My dogs are wagging their tails, and all are happy! Thanks again! Will be ordering again soon!"

- - - - - -

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