Saturday, March 13, 2010

Health Benefits of Eggs

Mmmm...eggs! What a wonderful, natural and essential ingredient! EcoDog hand-bakes pet treats with high-quality ingredients and eggs are a key component!

EcoDog use

s locally-produced eggs first - always choosing free-range andantibiotic/hormone-free eggs. We love to use the freshest ingredients to make tasty treats and support local farms first! :)

Eggs are used as a binding agent in our biscuit-style treats but also add many important vitamins as well!

Eggs are high in protein as well as one of the only natural producers of vitamin D. Eggs also have essential nutrients that help boost the shine of your dogs coat and nails.

*As an occasional treat at home, try giving your pup a scrambled egg - or simply crack &

serve over dry dog food!

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